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"Moving and important poems, one after the other..."

-Dick Allen









" of the liveliest, most eclectic & interesting literary magazines in a long time, full of treasures..."
-Jane Hirschfield






“There’s something here for every taste,

The American Journal of Poetry sparkles eclectically.”
-Maxine Kumin









The American Journal of Poetry, Robert Nazarene and James Wilson's online journal of contemporary poetry, is an astonishment, a marvelous digital curio cabinet whose collection's common theme is simply: wonder.”
-Daniel Lawless, Editor-in-Chief,

Plume Poetry





“Strong Medicine indeed…So many amazing poets & poems.
…fantastic work.”
-Literary Magazine Stand,
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“Bravo! Not since the launch of Antaeus many years ago can I

ago can I recall a new poetry magazine featuring such a
breadth of different and significant talent.”

-Robert Farnsworth
The American Scholar









"One of the few places today where poetry seems fun and important again."
Robert McDowell









The American Journal of Poetry is astonishing! Its variety, its energy, its faith in the high values of poetry.”
-Joyce Carol Oates









"It's great to have a magazine that's open to all, the work judged on its merits rather than the name of the poet."
 -David Ray









"If poetry journals are a labor of love, then the nature of the love behind it is both passionate and devout and we are all the richer because of it."

-Sherod Santos








" seem to be able to represent diverse styles and sensibilities at their best."
-Richard Wilbur