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Nin Andrews

Ode to an Orgasm

after Neruda's "Ode to a bar of soap"


When I pick you up at a bar
and lean close . . .
it’s your aroma that amazes me

the fragrance of wherever you come from
the seas you have traveled
the sleepless nights
the oyster dinners with too much marinara,
the lovers so many

I want to ask,
Are you ever alone?
What is your home town?
Do you have sisters? Cousins?

Do you take a bath?
Or do you fly like blind fish
or dive like a cormorant

sinking in the darkness
before rising again
waving your wings at the sky
your wet, wet heart.



NIN ANDREWS is the author of twelve collections of poetry including The Book of Orgasms, Sleeping with Houdini, and her latest book, Why God Is a Woman.  The recipient of two Ohio Arts Council grants, her poems have appeared in many literary reviews and anthologies including Ploughshares, The Paris Review, The Best of the Prose Poem, and four volumes of Best American Poetry.



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