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Alice Friman

Postcard from Home

Cold and fresh as water to a thirst,
the day poured out.

Remember this, I said
when the high heat of Georgia

lays its lion limb against you
and will not move.

Remember this
when the Loblolly explodes,
filling every idle slit with pollen,
clotting sinuses and screens. Remember

this: how one day
the southern hardwoods—napping
through their measly two months
of nakedness—let slip
between their crosshatch of limbs
silhouetted against the sky

a breath of the north—blue
as the wind's eye—come
to slap your face because it missed you
and wanted to leave a reddening,
a sting.

A reminder of the way
you used to hear it howling
like a grieving thing, swooping down
from Canada, stripping the Indiana fields,
scouring everything in its path
to find you.




ALICE FRIMAN's sixth full-length collection is The View from Saturn, LSU Press. Her previous collection is Vinculum, LSU, for which she won the 2012 Georgia Author of the Year Award in Poetry. She is a recipient of a 2012 Pushcart Prize, is included in Best American Poetry 2009, and has been published in 14 countries. Friman lives in
Milledgeville, Georgia, where she is Poet-in- Residence at Georgia College. Her podcast, Ask Alice, can be seen on YouTube.



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