The American Journal of Poetry
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Timothy Liu



My father slowly
takes his time
working his way

into my ass—
one finger followed
by another with

all my siblings
now climbing into
the same bed

hoping to figure
out how much
more our family

can really take—


Timothy Liu

My Mother, My Whore


She looked more
like a machine
with belts coming
loose than a mouth
rinsed out with suds
for having taken
one too many loads.

Timothy Liu

Snapchat: AWP


Put up or shut up
is all I wanted
to say to the one
preening around
the hotel room
like a peacock
waiting to be
stuffed. Strike
the iron while
it's hot! my mentor
liked to say
while sinking
into a claw foot
laced with suds.
Some things
ought to be
seen once and
never again—
an MFA grad
on the rag
doing practice
splits above
a mule kicking
up its heels
while publishers
get sucked
off in the john—




TIMOTHY LIU's most recent book of poems is Don’t Go Back To Sleep. He lives in Manhattan and Woodstock, NY.



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