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William Logan

Fever Weather

              At Cairo, the old established firm of Fever & Ague is still settling up its
              unfinished business.

                                       --The Confidence-Man


The robin’s-egg sky fades
toward the horizon, losing
its will, or the ghost of faith.

The wind, so brazen yesterday,
moves on.
The untempered city = the city of dreams.

Just beyond reach, the old mills
and disused rails serve other masters.
I have a sympathy

for the buddleia grown
in the bed of clinker and stone.
A robin visits the yard,

stakes its claim with a note or two,
then flits on, to return, if at all,
having lost its place.


William Logan

Fourteen Questions


Who ordered the cattle cars? Who scheduled the trains?
Did the railway workmen fall silent around the low fires?
Did the station master refuse to load the living freight?

Did the guards receive the order in whispers?
Did the reporter ink out the words in his notebook?
Did the greengrocer turn embarrassed from his turnips?

Who strung the barbed wire? Who prepared the Zyklon B?
Did the lost conspire in their own mysterious deaths?
Did everyone on the Alexanderplatz look up in pride?

Did the fences and the stone walls suspect?
Did the forests rise up in anger and the streams rebel?
Did the beasts of the field lie down in protest?




WILLIAM LOGAN's new book of poems, Rift of Light, will appear next year.



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