The American Journal of Poetry
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Robert Nazarene

Our Sad Little Man

Just 4 years old he wandered from nightlight
to nightlight to nightlight back & forth &
back & forth & back & forth from his bed-
room to the bathroom to the kitchen for 3
days and nights (and counting) doing exactly
what Mommy told him to do: You just wait
‘til your father gets home!
until she would slip
beneath the waves again into her sadbed
and if a little boy digs his fingernails into
his neck over & over & over until his blood
weeps & falls into that old snot-caked
onesy does it mean he gets to die soon does
it mean Christmas is coming early this year?




ROBERT NAZARENE is founding editor of The American Journal of Poetry.  He is the author of 2 collections of poems:  CHURCH (2006) and Empire de la Mort (forthcoming in 2016).



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