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Sally Van Doren

Boys Among Men

 We canvassed the neighborhood
looking for a title for the crass
auctioneer who made the crowds
go berserk with his constant

bribes of upward mobility.
We looked up into the magnolias
and several ballots fell
plastering themselves to our

bachelor faces. We were
young, aeronautic, but
sleeping in the basement,
our sweat hiding in our suit coats.

We cast our votes for job
security, hitching a ride
with an idle chauffeur.
He drove us to crazy.

Our parents told us
to buckle up our
sometimes asinine asses
and we did, speeding all

the while, chasing blonds,
downing our prescriptions,
or not, pumped up on pride
and checking our privilege.




SALLY VAN DOREN is the author of three poetry collections, Possessive, (LSU Press 2012) Sex at Noon Taxes (2008) which received the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets, and the forthcoming, Promise. She teaches at the 92nd Street Y in New York City and has taught at Washington University and in the St. Louis Public schools. A curator for the St. Louis Poetry Center, she posts daily excerpts from her ongoing poem, The Sense Series, via Instagram @sallyvandoren.



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