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Nance Van Winckel

How Paper is Made from Wood

Nance Van Winckel

Graffiti Lesson: There are Many Fucking Walls

Baby, you're trying too hard.
You get a 3-second glance, tops.

You think this'll be your last wall?
Your one wall? Lose it, you lose nothin'!

Close up, you can always see
a waver. No line's ever straight.

Write the R over so he's more
of a skyscraper.

Gotta love the drips. Never ever
put a heart ANYWHERE.

It's a venue, doll. You throw a brick
at it, but the brick it just breaks.

Look, no big fort's about to fall here.
No worries. The crumbles crumble.

Kiddo, when you feed the organism
it just grows and grows.


Nance Van Winckel

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Missiles slide back in their hillside cells—
stripes and solids in their green pockets.

The fists hover. Don’t let them get any
more of us involved. A rocky you
some gossamer paper will cover.

What the hands say! Forget
what the mouth slurs
or the eye blurs.

A fist full of answers




NANCE VAN WINCKEL's newest book is Ever Yrs., a novel in the form of a scrapbook (Twisted Road, 2014). Book of No Ledge, an altered encyclopedia, will appear with Pleiades Press in November 2016. Nance lives in Spokane and teaches in the MFA Programs at E. Washington University and Vermont College of Fine Arts.



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