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Garret Keizer

Short Adventure


He was exploring the borders of fiction

when he met a woman

exploring the borders of gender,

and they set off together

to explore the borders of reality

but only got as far

as the borders of spelling,

whereupon they became boarders

of a borderline psychotic

billionaire, who liked them

though he found them bores.


Meanwhile, over the border,

just before the break of day,

just ahead of the border patrol,

came a brown man and his wife

to mow the lawns

and edge the borders

along the pathway to the pool,

where much to their surprise

they discovered the lady

of the house, the borderline

psychotic’s bored-to-tears wife,

giving her borders

a Brazilian bikini wax.


That night there was a party

at the furthest borders of taste.

The boarders and the borderline

psychotic and his wife ate

the brown people with chilies

round the borders of their plates.




GARRET KEIZER is a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine and the author of eight books of prose, the most recent of which are Getting Schooled, Privacy, and The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want.  His poetry has appeared in a number of publications, including Agni, Alaska Quarterly Review, The Antioch Review, The Hudson Review, Image, The New Yorker, Ploughshares, Raritan, and The Best American Poetry. He lives with his wife Kathy in northeastern Vermont.



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