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Anatoly Kudryavitsky

The Way of the Wings


A caterpillar speaks in sunsets
and rain clouds.
It wishes it had wings
to wave away the sand of its dunes.

A chrysalis perceives a sunbeam
as a red alarm striking inside the cell.
Its night is filled with tiredness
like a silicone jar.

A butterfly enjoys moist-winged
wind kisses.
It prefers the foam of love
to the fleeting eyes of anger.

A butterfly hates the moment of landing
into an assessed value of what it is
and what it has done
with its life.


Anatoly Kudryavitsky



I am a two-bedroom house
exploring life after death,
committing adultery with a new occupier.
Can worms be prevented from creeping
into wooden hearts?
Somebody presently possesses the silence
of my books and the warmth
of my home-grown lemons,
however the duty of owning is not the same
as the art of knowing.
My windows have seen the passing
of ancient constellations;
today they are staring at machine-washed ideas
on the line.
The stucco ceiling rose comprises a dozen
hungry mouths from the bygone times.
After dark the television unveils
an eternity behind, an eternity ahead
and the soundless mouse-running
of an imperceptible “now”.


Anatoly Kudryavitsky

A Little Extra Challenge


The Tower of Babel crumbles,
and so does the builders’ sanity, which causes
dust and media storms. Men with long arms
raise the roof beams higher; their aprons
develop callosities. Lark feathers
get stuck in the lungs.

The higher they climb the less sky
they find. The silence of the land
becomes deafening.
Endless book has no beginning;
groundless hope
has no measure.

The world is a densely built-up black hole,
and names are but grains
in the sandbox of history.
The lemniscate curve of imagination
carries dreamers through multi-shaped void
back to the starting point.




ANATOLY KUDRYAVITSKY is a Russian-born Irish descendant, the grandson of a Mayo man who ended up in Stalin’s GULAG. An award-winning poet, he has published three collections, Shadow of Time (Goldsmith Press, 2005), Morning at Mount Ring (Doghouse Books, 2007) and Capering Moons (Doghouse Books, 2011). His anthologies of contemporary Russian and German poetry in English translation, A Night in the Nabokov Hotel (2006) and Coloured Handprints (2015), have been published by Dedalus Press, and his anthology of haiku poetry from Ireland titled Bamboo Dreams (2012) by Doghouse Books. The book of his selected novels, DisUNITY, has been brought out by Glagoslav Publications (London, UK) in 2013. He lives in Dublin and is the editor of Shamrock Haiku Journal.



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