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Ellen Sander

Versions of My Parents’ Marriage


In other versions of my
parents’ marriage
my father either didn’t want
or didn’t want a child so soon

My mother had her own idea
and when the first was born a girl
it must’ve been undue

It took 3 years until the next
one, a boy, came & we moved
out of the 1 bedroom apartment
downstairs from his parents
into a house in the country
a rail station in range
so he could go to the city and work

He kept the apartment
and spent some weeknights there
with grandma’s cooking

When he came home
was he the intruder
or were we?




ELLEN SANDER was the Poet Laureate of Belfast, Maine in 2013 and 2014. She's published 3 chapbooks, Stand of Herons, Craters, and Autumnal. Her poetry has been published in the journals Chiron Review, Social Anarchism, Saturday Afternoon Journal, Off The Coast and others, numerous magazines, and the 2016 anthology, Cross-Strokes.



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