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David Alpaugh



If you’re old enough to have watched Shoah;
maybe even clips of The Nuremberg Trials;
shared Elie Wiesel’s
Night; woke to Celan’s
black milk of daylight; and, like me, wept over
Diary Of A Young Girl; you promised

again! In Aleppo, “White Helmets” scan
the rubble for moving arms, legs, fngers.
Brussels, San Bernardino, Berlin
Our century’s
“rough beast” has no den. Re-read Anne’s
Still ok to cry. But not to repeat that lie: “Never”




David Alpaugh



What America needs now? A con-ver-sa-tion!
Everyone yakking about starvation, education,
immigration, sequestration, discrimination,
vaccination, gun regulation, de-cap-i-ta-tion.
Talking Heads! The Art of the Spiel! Infinite

Conversation. Chattering incessantly about de-
por-ta-tion... de-reg-u-la-tion... de-val-u-a-tion
and sundry matters, all ending in ation. Can we
earn sal-va-tion by talking problems to death?
Can a Tower of Babble save a blabber-mouth





DAVID ALPAUGH has published poetry in more than 100 journals—from Able Muse to Poetry to Zyzzyva—and is one of 50 contemporary poets included by Dana Gioia in California Poetry from the Gold Rush to the Present. His collection Counterpoint won the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize from Story Line Press, and he has been a finalist for Poet Laureate of California. His "double title" poems appear in Gargoyle, Mudlark, Spillway, X-Peri, and in issue #2 of The American Journal of Poetry.



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