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Jesse Albatrosov

Night Stalker


Force yourself into a trim suburban home

and wring the life from a woman who does not know you—

who will store your inverted face in the back of her eye

as her body climbs through the rafters and into the sky.

Imagine; one arm, a tucked head, upstretched shoulders easing

through a doggy-door the way a newborn moves into being—

cardinal movements guiding him into the pale warmth of night

lights and the cool drag of central air to prowl through the insides—

breath loaded and collected, the smell of candy steaming through

the fissures of his lips as he bestirs the halls of her home

tossing women like grains of spilt salt over

his shoulder in hopes he gets lucky.




JESSE ALBATROSOV is a poet living and writing in the Central Florida area with her husband and five children. Her work is published or forthcoming in Streetlight Magazine, Feminine Collective, Black Fox Literary Magazine, Mothers Always Write, Press 53’s Prime Number Magazine and others. You can find her online at www.jessealbatrosov.comor on social media: @jalbatrosov.


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