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Jevin Lee Albuquerque

Fly Fishin' Fix


camp-night-seven         no shower



                        hotel     on the cheap

edge of town

                        country folk spice


caucexicanasian            meth-live-in


price fluctuate   me $67      $87    next

“don’t want trouble      secretary

call owner                      my room


bed relax          freedom            sigh


girl screamin’      “can’t go anymore, please!




feller on grill


                        young man


sidekick                                    laughter


I’m tired       pull away

call police         front desk

charge              high-heel-slippin’


            black n’ white dress


I’m leavin’      gettin’   picked-up


laughter             cue


doors open


shut-out-thoughts          prostitution


hollerin’            FREEDOM



soccer on tv      relaxin’

a good night’s sleep before

work with the kanga-rooooooooos


at fair                affairs

one-day            giggin’





drop-off           passenger




black n’ white dress


heels  hand                   feller





back room        inside

kid laughter       door-slam-shut


speed   car                  family

youngest           out hotel

rooooooom      blowin’            

                                                b u b b l e s




JEVIN LEE ALBUQUERQUE recently completed his third full-length novel, Hawgfish.  A semi-finalist in the 2014 Faulkner-Wisdom competition and recent Pushcart Prize nominee, his prose and poetry have appeared in numerous literary journals.  Two of his works, a poem and short story, were translated by Bernard Turle and can be found in the French collectif, Poussières Du Monde (Éditions François Bourin, 2014).  He has a degree in Latin American Studies from UCLA.


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